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Peter Benoit – Flute Concerto "Symphonic Tale", Op. 43a

Peter Benoit (1834-1901)
Flute Concerto Symphonic Tale, Op. 43a
[1865] I. Preludium: Will-O’-The-Wisps: Scherzo vivace
II. Melancholie: Andante
III. Finale: Will-O’-The-Wisps Dance: Allegro vivace
Gaby von Riet (Flute); Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra; Luc Devos (Conductor)
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Peter Benoit – Piano Concerto "Symphonic Tale", Op. 43b

Peter Benoit (1834-1901)
Piano Concerto Symphonic Tale, Op. 43b
[1865] I. The Ruins of Harelbeke Castle: Molto moderato
II. Song of the Bard: Larghetto
III. Fantastic Hunt in the Night: Molto animato
Luc Devos (Piano); Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra; Frederic Devreese (Conductor)
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