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Carl Nielsen – Symphony No. 2 "The 4 Temperaments", Op. 16

Carl Nielsen (1865-1931)

Symphony No. 2 The 4 Temperaments, Op. 16 [1901-02]

I. Allegro collerico
II. Allegro comodo e flemmatico
III. Andante malincolico
IV. Allegro sanguineo – Marziale

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra Gennady Rozhdestvensky (Conductor)

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  1. lucio

    the owner of this blog is brazilian right , or am i wrong ?
    i’m asking it due to the caret symbol in “m-ô-nica” ;
    only brazilians write it like that i guess .
    anyway , this morning i was remembering
    the “whens” , the “whys” and the “how” i’ve started to listen to classical music in mid 2010 .
    so i recalled that “eruditos” was the SOURCE of the FIRST symphonies and concertos i ever listened ..!
    i’m glad to see that you didn’t give up and is keeping this amazing work .
    thanks for your effort/shares , kind regards
    lucio d’natale

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