About Eruditos

I’m 23 years old and in 2007 I started to listen to Classical Music, and this became more and more frequently. The pleasure it gives me and its poor accessibility motivated me to create the blog.

The intention is to bring even more awareness to people about Classical Music, so that they can appreciate it, and not harm anyone in the process. Certainly those who come to take the liking on it will turn into adepts (and consumers as well).

I’ve never earn money – and do not want to – with the sharing of these works. I own this blog as a way to fulfill my cultural duty. I take this duty of mine seriously and I see it as a well done tribute to the Art . This is my homage to every beautiful work that amazes me, to every composer I admire. Eruditos sums up everything I believe: culture and knowledge for everyone; and this is only possible if we work for it.


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